Our competitive advantages and market position

The power of  leading brands

In line with our strategy to have the first or second brand in our chosen categories, Tiger Brands has built a solid portfolio of leading brands over the years.

This was amply reinforced in the 2015 Sunday Times top brands awards. In the prestigious Grand Prix category South Africa’s favourite brand, KOO, took first place, while Tastic was again voted as the number one essential food brand. KOO was also voted number one in the Ask Afrika Icon Brands Survey 2015/2016.

Our brands also featured prominently in their categories:

Tinned foods

No1 Koo

Essential foods

No1 Tastic

Fruit juices

No3 Oros

Personal care

No5 Ingrams

Our legacy
The original South African favourite
Jungle Oats was launched in 1920 by the Cereal Manufacturing Company in Moorreesburg.

The present site in Maitland was purchased in 1926 by Mr Redler and production started from 1930.

From this modest beginning, the great industrial company Tiger Oats Limited was formed in 1944 after a merger between Jacob Frankel (Pty) Limited and Tiger Oats Company of South Africa.

This company would later come to be known as Tiger Brands (Pty) Limited.

The Jungle logo
The Jungle logo

According to Spoor & Fisher, a South African law firm specialising in intellectual property, one of the first logos they ever registered was a “Tiger peeping through long grass” – around 1931.

The Jungle logo

The logo has remained largely unchanged over the years, but has been continually refreshed to ensure the brand remains relevant and aligned to the ever-changing times.

The Jungle range of energy-packed breakfast cereals has grown beyond the “original favourite” in the form of different formats and flavour extensions.

The brand’s first launch into the ready-to-eat breakfast segment came in 1990 with the introduction of Jungle Oatso Easy. The range of breakfast solutions has grown into various segments, both established and new.

In addition, the extension of Jungle into the confectionery countline market with Jungle Energy Bars innovated a new market segment and the bar became one of South Africa’s top selling countlines.

Have a good breakfast …

Jungle followed its success into other markets with a move into the highly competitive children’s pre-sweetened cereals and ready-to-eat instant porridges segment.

For more lifestyle tips and delicious recipes, go to www.jungleoats.co.za/ultra

…You have a big life ahead of you!

We all love kids. We all love sport. They are a winning combination. However, it is especially exciting when a much-loved brand like Jungle Oats develops a refreshing highly entertaining context around the “breakfast of champions” concept. Hence, the launch of the newest ad campaign that featured young real-life champions doing what they love.

These young winners prove that, with the right start, and the right breakfast, you too can have a big life ahead of you!



  • Number one in the cereals category (hot and cold breakfast cereals) SA’s 2015/16 Ask Afrika ICON Brands
  • Number one breakfast in Ask Afrika youth survey 2015/16
  • Gold finalist in the Gold Pack awards 2015 for Jungle Ultra range packaging
  • Winner of the POPAI (global association for marketing at retail level) awards 2015