Business overview

Group profile

Tiger Brands is Africa's leading manufacturer and distributer of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).


Grains   Consumer brands – food

Revenue R12,8 billion*

Operating income R1,9 billion*

  Consumer brands - food

Revenue R9,7 billion*

Operating income R828 million*

  Milling and
  Other grains  
  Bread   Pasta  
  Milling:   Breakfast  
  – Flour   Rice  
  – Maize      
  – Sorghum*      
  *Includes Breakfast and Beverages      
Groceries   Snacks & treats   Beverages   Value Added Meat
Products (VAMP)
Ingredients   Sugar   Concerntrates   Ready-to-cook  
Condiments   Chocolate   Sports drinks   Ready-to-eat  
Rice       Ready-to-drink   Canned  
            processed meat  
  Market share   Market share
  Market share   Market share

Number 1 and 2 brands

Market share: Nielsen volume share 12 month moving as at September 2018
* From continuing operations.

Home, Personal Care & Baby   Exports & International
Home, Personal Care & Baby

Revenue R2,2 billion*

Operating income R341 million*

  Exports & International

Revenue R3,8 billion*

Operating income R270 million*

* From continuing operations.

  Home care   Personal care   Baby  
  Sanitary cleaners   Camphor cream & lotions   Nutrition  
  Insecticides   Hair care   Baby wellbeing  
Exports   International  
Davita   Chococam  
Jolly Jus   Deli  
Other Tiger Brand Products      
  Market share  


  Market share  

Our core business is providing everyday branded food to large and growing emerging markets through a unified customer sales team and integrated supply chain that leverages the group’s scale. We target best-in-class profitability, underpinned by a cost-conscious culture as well as environmental, social and governance principles to drive shared value creation.

We have leading positions in most categories and our iconic brands are well-entrenched with consumers in South Africa, as illustrated by the percentage share of market.

Number 1 brands


* From continuing operations.


Tiger Brands is active in sub-Saharan Africa's (SSA) largest consumer markets, and well positioned in large attractive categories. Beyond our core market, South Africa, we have built a sizeable exports business for our products throughout Africa, and we have operations in Nigeria and Cameroon. The Africa strategy approved this year builds on our core competencies and existing markets.

SSA’s largest consumer markets

SSA packaged food and soft drinks market (Total market size $84 billion, RSV)

SSA's largest consumer markets

Well positioned in large, attractive categories

SSA market by fastest-growing categories (Total market size $84 billion RSV)

Well positioned in large, attractive categories

Source: Euromonitor data; Top 15 categories of packaged food & soft drinks by market size; All SSA countries; RSV – Retail sales value

Our success is underpinned by the strength of our brands and continuous improvement initiatives. We invest significantly in our core brands, backed by consumer and shopper research that provides comprehensive insights into our chosen categories and markets. We also hold meaningful minority interests in associate companies.

  • South Africa: JSE-listed Oceana Group Limited (42,1%) (fishing)
  • Chile: Empresas Carozzí (24,4%) (FMCG)
  • Nigeria: UAC Foods Limited (49,0%) (FMCG)
  • Zimbabwe: JSE-listed National Foods Holdings Limited
    (37,4%) (FMCG)