Business overview

Africa strategy

Tiger Brands has an established presence in Africa, as do several of our key customers. Learning from past lessons, and following comprehensive fact-based analysis, the board has approved an Africa strategy that builds on what we have and complements our strategy in South Africa.


Strong growth projected in the medium to long term driven by sub-Saharan countries


Packaged food growth



Consumer expenditure CAGR


    (2017 – 2022)   (2017 – 2030)

Disposable income growth






Population CAGR


(in 2030)   (2017 – 2022)   (2017 – 2030)

Source: Euromonitor

Our analysis shows that growth in African markets is possible, but requires a focused strategy and excellent execution. Given our core competencies, we will concentrate on the retail packaged food market (defined as fresh, packaged and prepared foods for home preparation and consumption), which Euromonitor expects to grow by 27% into a US$1billion market in the next five years.

Based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and the risks in this sizeable market, we have identified four growth imperatives with clear strategic drivers:

Growth imperatives

We currently sell our products into 26 markets in Africa

We currently sell our products into 26 markets in Africa