We aim to drive sustainable growth by growing the core and expanding into adjacent categories and geographies...

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From continuing operations.
** Restated for the early adoption of IFRS 15.
# Before impairments and abonormal items.

The group achieved solid results for the six month period ended 31 March 2017. A strong domestic performance was partially diluted by tough trading conditions in Exports and International coupled with a decline in income from associates.

Shareholders are referred to the SENS announcements of 9 June 2016 and 21 February 2017 relating to the disposals of East African Tiger Brands Industries Plc (EATBI) and Haco Tiger Brands (E.A.) Limited (Haco), respectively. The disposal of EATBI has been concluded with an effective date of 4 April 2017, while the disposal of Haco is well progressed. Consequently, both operations have been treated as discontinued operations in these results, with the comparative information restated accordingly.

Group turnover from continuing operations increased by 7% to R16,4 billion (2016: R15,3 billion), whilst operating income from continuing operations, before IFRS 2 charges, impairments and abnormal items, increased by 10% to R2,2 billion (2016: R2,0 billion)...