Golden Cloud is one of Tiger Brands‘ leading brands and ranks second* in the flour category. In response to consumer trends, Golden Cloud launched a range of ready mixes. The recent introduction of new variants will continue to drive growth ahead of the category.

* Nielsen

Sustainability review

This section has been prepared against the core level of disclosure of GRI G4 principles and guidance (GRI G4 index can be found on our website), the requirements of the FTSE4Good index, as well as governance guidelines in the JSE Listings Requirements and King III. Tiger Brands fully supports the principles of the United Nations Global Compact which recognises the positive contribution business can make to a more sustainable planet.

Against this background, we are incrementally improving our management and reporting of the key elements of sustainability as an important and integrated aspect of our strategy.

Our approach to managing sustainability is set out below and underpinned by our core values, summarised below:

  People Consumers Performance The world we live in Integrity
Our values
  • We value our people and treat them with dignity
  • Our consumers are our business
  • We have a passion for excellence
  • We continue to reinvest in our society
  • We act with integrity at all times in everything we do
How we live our values
  • Treat all with care, concern and respect
  • Produce quality products
  • Value flawless execution
  • Respond to the needs of society whenever we can
  • What we say on the outside is what is on the inside
  • Develop, empower and enable our people
  • Understand and satisfy our consumers’ needs
  • Zero tolerance for mediocrity
  • Committed corporate social investment
  • Never compromise the safety of our consumers
  • Promote workplace diversity
  • Invest in the safety of our products
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • Business practices guided by our desire to sustain our environment
  • Never do anything we would be ashamed of if the facts became public
  • Work hard and play hard together
  • Attend to every consumer request or complaint
  • Deliver on time every time
  • Help our people thrive
  • Encourage innovative thinking
  • Recognise and reward excellence

The case for sustainability

We support the philosophy that:

Good corporate
is intrinsic
to Tiger Brands
Tiger Brands believes in
a holistic approach
building and enhancing its reputation
Doing good is good business  
Tiger Brands does not operate in a
vacuum nor in a static
of “business as usual”
Robust stakeholder relationships and engagement, both within and outside the organisation, are key to creating and unlocking real stakeholder and shared value   Reputational and social capital can be tracked and measured to enhance performance, returns and drive improvement year-on-year
    The communities in which we
operate must be better
because we are there
To thrive as a corporate organisation in a global context, Tiger Brands will be responsive to and influence/shape the many environments it faces

Central to achieving our financial and market share objectives is managing sustainability and reputation. Key elements include:

  • Building our reputation internally and externally
  • Promoting our corporate identity to all stakeholder groups
  • Adding value to society with integrity
  • Driving internal communication, aligned to company goals
  • Protecting our licence to trade through proper governance and engaging with stakeholders
  • An integrated sustainability approach.