Responsibility for annual financial statements

The directors of Tiger Brands Limited are responsible for the integrity of the annual financial statements of the company, consolidated subsidiaries, associates and the objectivity of other information presented in the integrated annual report.

The fulfilment of this responsibility is discharged through the establishment and maintenance of sound management and accounting systems, the maintenance of an organisation structure which provides for delegation of authority and establishes clear responsibility, together with the constant communication and review of the operations’ performance measured against approved plans and budgets.

Management and employees operate in terms of a code of ethics approved by the board. The code requires compliance with all applicable laws and maintenance of the highest integrity in the conduct of all aspects of the business.

The annual financial statements, prepared in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards, are audited by our auditors in conformity with International Standards on Auditing.

An audit committee of the board of directors, composed entirely of independent non-executive directors, meets periodically with our internal and external auditors and management to discuss internal accounting controls and auditing and financial reporting matters. The auditors have unrestricted access to the audit committee.

The directors have no reason to believe that the group’s operations will not continue as going concerns in the year ahead, other than where closures or discontinuations are anticipated, in which case provision is made to reduce the carrying cost of the relevant assets to net realisable value.